The Most Natural Vitamin And Mineral Supplement

vitamin orangeChoosing a quality vitamin and mineral supplement is more difficult than it may seem at first.

This is the case for several reasons, but the two most important in our opinion is:

1) Many products on the market do not contain what is stated on the label — and, worse, even often harbor contaminants.

Both private and government agencies have shown this to be true, however hard it might be to believe. The dietary supplement industry is largely unrelated, and, unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous manufacturers that create shoddy products.

If you think buying a brand name will solve the problem, think again. It turns out that some of the most well known brand names produced some of the worst products when it came to containing what was stated on the product label.

2) The second reason why it’s hard to find a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement is because many manufacturers use very cheap ingredients. Simply put, the less they spend on the ingredients, the higher the profit margin for them. Many companies spend most of their money on advertising and marketing the product rather than the quality of the product itself, which is a shame.

After all, the whole point of taking vitamin and mineral supplements is to improve your health, not impair it.

Bottom line: don’t settle for sub-par supplements.

Why Are  Binders And Fillers Needed?

The fact is, certain vitamin products do require added ingredients. For example, supplements that come in the form of a tablet do require binders, fillers and lubricants in order for the tablet to be formed.

Before a tablet is formed it begins life as powder. Supplement manufacturers will add binders to turn this powder into small manageable granules. At this stage they may add fillers to increase volume. Lubricants can also be used to help stick the granules together. Once these are added the total ingredients are pressed with considerable pressure to form a tablet.

Furthermore, dietary tablets are often covered in a protein coating. There are two reasons why this coating is applied. First of all it protects the ingredients from deterioration and secondly it makes the tablet easier for people to swallow.

As you can see certain added ingredients are necessary, especially when it comes to producing tablets. With capsules there is less need to do this, however cheaper versions of fish oil can contain high percentages of blended oils such as olive or sunflower oil.

If you’re concerned about the ingredients being used then choose companies that have a policy of producing high grade natural products.

Nowadays, there are many vitamin supplements that do add unnecessary artificial colourings and additives. For example, several vitamin C supplements are coloured orange and have added sugar to make them taste sweet. The colour orange is often used because vitamin C is often associated with the orange fruit. But in reality, vitamin c is neither sweet nor orange in colour. Which also means your vitamin C tablets should not be.

As a rule of thumb, only purchase vitamin supplements that clearly mark or declare any added ingredients. Those companies that have integrity are more open to letting you know what they put into their products. You should be more suspicious of supplement companies that do not declare.